TGF: Tell us about your journey to get here. 

After graduating from Staffordshire University with a first class honours degree in Film Production, I went into the industry as a freelance runner working across short films and television. When I saw there was a job opportunity with the gate films, I knew I wanted to go for it and begin working in commercials. Since I’ve joined the team, it’s been a hell of a ride and I’ve no doubt the good times will continue.




TGF: What’s the best advice that you’ve ever been given? 

Learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. I still find this really important to live by to this day.


TGF: What’s your go-to advice to help others? 

Always trust your instinct and never be swayed by other people’s opinions. It’s so important to stay true to who you are as an individual in this industry and have your own qualities, both as a person and creatively. 

I’d also say network like crazy and take up any opportunities that come your way, you never know where it’ll lead to!




TGF: Tell us about your life ambition.

Phwoah, these are some pretty intense questions! In all honesty, as long as I’m part of creating content in any capacity, I’m happy! 


TGF: Is there an unforgettable project that shaped your way of working?

Working on a commercial for INTU, which was the first job I did when I started with The Gate made me realise just how frantic and fun filming commercials can be! It was all systems go and I can recall at times struggling, but on reflection it was definitely the best way to learn quickly and get upto speed from start to finish of making a commercial.




TGF: Who would be your dream client?

I’d love to do a car commercial. Maybe something stylish and sophisticated for Aston Martin? I’ve always been a big James Bond fan! It’d be ace to help create something different from standard car commercials you see on TV these days. I think there’s room to try something new and bold, but not too many risks are being taken I feel in this area.

TGF: What advice would you give those wanting to work in film 

Keep your head up and never be discouraged by rejection when starting out. Pick yourself back up and go again! And never hesitate to ask people in the industry for advice. I did that and it gave me more confidence going into my first ever running job and I’ve not looked back since!


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