An utter perfectionist and devout cinephile, Richard’s attention to detail is what marks him out as one of the UK’s top commercial directors. Having studied Graphic Design and Animation, many of Richard’s high profile commercial spots boast a vivid graphic style and a bold, game changing understanding of the edit process. It’s what has won him numerous projects for the likes of Lexus, Umbro & Toyota.

His appreciation for the power of audio is never more evident in this work and, as a truly collaborative director, sound design is more often than not at the core of his treatments. With such a talent for this graphic design approach, it is surprising for some creatives that he has such a seemingly effortless sensibility for casting and performance.

Spots for New Zealand Lamb, Party Poker, YBS and the Scottish Government are testament to a director with real verve and a genuine ability to squeeze the most from any script. Speak to any creative who has worked with Richard before and we’re in no doubt you’ll hear about unfailing devotion to the project, absolute artistic integrity and a dangerous drinking partner.

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