Meet our people

Badger - mover and shaker


Simon Lewis

She's not bossy, she's the boss

Managing Partner & Senior Producer

Rhiannon Lewis

Multi-talented team-leading hero

Producer and Director

James Shannon

Balancing the books

Finance Director

Craig Blundell

Not just talking the talk

Founder & Director

Steve Byrne

Like a fine wine



Shows the latest work, does the wining and dining

Client Services Manager

Hannah Barr

Don't mess. Seriously. Don't.

Production Manager

Lindsay Cowan

Actual client quote - "Kayleigh is Incredible!"


Kayleigh Hutchinson

"An angel on earth"

Junior Producer

Abi Simpson

There ain't a problem that she can't fix

Production Assistant

Gabriela Prinn

Ta da!

Production Manager's Assistant

Nathan Miah

Making things look the bomb since 2012

Multi Media Designer

Holly Riley

Fabulous with footage

VFX artist

Emanuele Ricci

Accountant Barbie (kicking ass daily)

Finance Manager

Lauren Watmough

He's a numbers guy

Finance Apprentice

Dan Ennis

Shoot siren and all round top lady

Studio Manager

Megan Lewis