Cosmo Wallace : Graphene

'Graphene: Made in Manchester' was shot for Manchester University and Marketing Manchester for the science conference at MIPIM in Cannes, showcasing the University's development of the new 'miracle substance' Graphene.

A film about the world's thinnest, strongest and most conductive material -- and the first man-made material in 2 dimensions, offered many exciting possibilities. With a limited budget and timeframe, The Gate Films' director Cosmo Wallace and a team at post-house Edit 19 led by Oli Holt created a design-based approach where the presenter's words were spontaneously illustrated and animated in a two-dimensional space that mimicked graphene's own qualities.

Using AfterEffects and Cinema 4D, they created a unique vision -- 2 dimensional graphics that truly inhabit and interact with a 3 dimensional landscape. Putting as much humour, wit and clarity as possible in the viral to penetrate the largest possible online audience -- one for whom English might not be a first language -- they created a short piece inspired by TED talks and RSAnimate but with a completely new look of its own -- shooting, creating all graphical elements from scratch and completing the whole project in three weeks.

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Genres: Performance, Storytelling, VFX