With a whole host of abroad shoots coming up this summer, we asked our Joint Head of Production Rhiannon Lewis for her top tips when filming overseas, as well some of her favourite ads she’s seen recently. 


When shooting a campaign abroad what are your top tips? 

Look for locals! We’re lucky we have teams across the globe, so we often have the benefit of local knowledge. But if we are venturing somewhere we don’t have a team, I always find a local fixer who really knows the area. 



What are some of the pros / cons about shooting abroad? 


The weather! As long as it shows up, there’s nothing better than nailing that “open on a beach” shot.

The food – we shot in Sicily recently and the catering was INSANE!

The locations – even on a tight budget, a great location can really rocket up those production values on screen.



The weather! There’s nothing worse than travelling the whole team and clients to Cape Town only to have it rain all the time!

Exchange rates – watch out and allow money in the budget to cover currency conversion.

Carnet’s – Post Brexit it’s a nightmare of paperwork to travel with kit and product – we have become experts at this, but airports and customs can be slow and exhausting.

What has been your fave project that you have shot abroad? 

I have a couple. The House Of Fraser campaign we shot in Sicily this year was amazing – did I mention the food?!




California is always fun – I love the camp retro style of Palm Springs and some campaigns I’ve shot there for Missguided have been great.


What ad campaign have you seen recently that you love and why? 

I really like the new Channel 4 idents – there’s something very nostalgic about them!




What has been your most challenging project to date and why? 

Working for a big sports brand with multiple football players across the globe, all with different requirements & needs and different timings…give me a fashion shoot any day of the week! 

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