Every marketer wants to build a strong relationship with the best video production company for your brand – but how do you find the right one for you? We know there are plenty of options out there, and with resources often stretched it can be hard to make an educated decision.

Below, we share a few questions that should help you to decide whether a prospective partner could help to bring your vision into reality.

Do they have a reliable track record?

Any business can pull together a cool brand logo, fancy website and polished sales team. This doesn’t always mean they can deliver exceptional content on budget and to schedule. Commissioning a campaign with a video production company often accounts for a sizeable part of a brand’s budget, so we get why reliability represents a key concern.

Our advice? See which companies already trust them. Check out their existing client list, and pay attention to how long they’ve worked together - a decade-long relationship should always outweigh a one-time project.

Also consider the team you will be reliant on. Your brand could always go with a one-man band if you have an experienced and agreeable industry connection in mind. But what happens if this individual gets hit by a bus, or has all their filming equipment stolen? Do they have the correct insurance, where’s all your footage and how will you meet your deadlines?



Do they plan ahead?

We’ve had children, cats and even circus performers on set (luckily not all at the same time). Alongside with the usual barrage of cameras, booms, lights, rigs… there’s a lot to consider.

For this reason, it’s essential that your video production company puts together a comprehensive plan before stepping foot in the studio. As a minimum, expect to see a production timeline and sign off a full list of content assets you need from the shoot.



Can they be reactive? 

We don’t need to tell you that creating an ad campaign can bring out the crazy in anyone. Video production is a complex and fast-moving activity, and projects can often develop in very different directions from where they first started. 

High stakes, short deadlines and tight budgets can all contribute to a pressure cooker situation if you’re not careful – so can your production company cope under pressure?

Here at The Gate, we like to think we’re cool as cucumbers when things get hectic on-set. We’ve produced TV campaigns, from brief to screening, on a 48-hour turnaround. That’s two days in all – can your video production company top that?



Can they handle campaign volume? 

It may be obvious, but a single video campaign generally consists of many different content assets. This total number determines the campaign volume, which can vary wildly depending on individual needs. 

However, while there are no set rules in place, the rising trend for marketing across a wide range of platforms means that campaign volume is experiencing a spurt in growth. If you’re planning on rolling out a campaign across Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest, you’ll probably need several content assets for each platform. 

Here at The Gate, our recent shoot for Lookfantastic resulted in 69 content assets for use across half a dozen social media platforms. No biggie – it’s all in the planning! Find a video production company that is confident shooting in multiple formats and understands the importance of creating purpose-made assets for each platform.


Do they understand your sector?

Most good producers are happy to adapt to their environment, but it pays to consider their experience in your sector when looking for the best video production company.

Firstly, think about the practical implications. If they’ve never worked with pet care brands, are they used to working with animals? No one wants a puppy pileup on set. Secondly, you will likely benefit from a company that understands your market, knows the biggest players and is up to date on the latest advertising out there in the same space.

The best approach? Ask to see examples of previous work, and actively seek out campaigns that inspire you. Find out who worked on them, check out that directors’ portfolio and ensure you identify with their style. Artistic taste is a very personal thing.



The Gate was forged by filmmakers, is supported by a dedicated crew of production managers and PAs, and has been joined by some of of the finest directors and producers in the UK. Together, our talented roster has produced a huge range of campaigns, from table-top content to international shoots.

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