There’s nothing we love more than flexing our creative muscles, interpreting a brief and making it our own. And that’s exactly what we got to do when Fox Agency asked us to collaborate to help produce an ad campaign for car care company Armor All.

From developing scripts to casting talent and organising the shoot, there was nothing our fantastic director, production team and crew couldn’t do. Shooting daytime exteriors for a visual comedy spot in a very wintery Manchester? No problem.



The Mission:

Everything runs more smoothly with an attentive client on hand, and collaborating with Fox Agency was an absolute dream.

They wanted to bring humour and relatability to four Armor All films which would show on social media and at point of sale in the UK, Germany & countries within the EMEA.

Our biggest challenge – how could we present dashboard wipes, wax wipes and protectant spray in a way which would capture our audience’s attention and keep them engaged?


The Action:

After writing scripts and casting talent, we shot at a lovely suburban home in leafy Didsbury (thanks to the Jardine Motor Group for supplying us with the lovely Audi A4 on set!) Thanks to efficiency and teamwork, we managed to capture all the footage we needed within precious daylight hours (it was February in Manchester, after all!)

Gate director Graeme Hill brought each 15 - 25 second edit to life by developing irony within the storyline. We demonstrated ease of use and accessibility by capturing various shots of each product being used on the interior and exterior of the car. At the same time, we brought wit and irreverence to the shoot, breaking the boring infomercial mould.


The Feedback:

John Hebden - Business Development Manager from the Fox Agency says

“It’s been an extremely positive experience working with The Gate Films. The shoot was seamlessly organised, the creative interpretation was spot on and we are very happy with the end result.”

Director Graeme Hill told us.

“I had a lot of fun developing these scripts and and exploring the world of visual comedy for Armor All. Casting here was key. We had to find someone who could communicate an array of emotions, quickly, and without the aid of dialogue.We all have bad days. The kind of days where things just don't seem to be going our way. Trivial little moments tinged with a sense of familiar irony. But these are often what make life so funny. Especially when it's not happening to you!”

If you have an upcoming project that you’d like the Gate to help you turnaround, be sure to contact us and let’s bring that script to life.

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