The best branded content films can take many forms, from short clips to feature-length documentaries. In all cases though, it must achieve a real impact and a lasting impression for the featured brand, against the noise of an increasingly saturated market.

In May 2019, Brand Film Festival London will showcase some of Europe’s most artistic, creative and effective branded content films. Let’s take a look at some features on the shortlist for a little inspiration!

Healthcare - Viva la Vulva

Libresse, known as Bodyform in the UK, is a feminine hygiene brand all too happy to stand out from the crowd. Libresse already earned plenty of attention for its 2017 ad campaign, which was the first in the UK to depict real blood instead of that weird blue liquid.

The brand’s latest branded content film comes in the form of a three-minute lip sync music video ‘Viva la vulva’. Obviously. Fighting against body shaming (more than half of women feel pressure for their genitalia to look a certain way) Libresse celebrates the female form via a plethora of diverse objects, from a conch shell to a grapefruit.


Crisis Management - Fighting Financial Crime - Drug Trafficking for HSBC

Organised crime may not be the most obvious topic for a branded content film. However, with the trade in illegal drugs worth as much as $500 billion a year, banks can play a significant part in disrupting suspicious financial transactions.

Diana Cesar, Chief Executive of HSBC Hong Kong, features in Fighting Financial Crime, a branded content film which explores how banking institutions can challenge illicit activity. The video works to educate the bank’s employees about their role in preventing crime, and promote the bank’s stance against criminal financial activity.


Not-for-Profit - Small Talk Saves Lives: Samaritans, Network Rail & British Transport Police

Samaritans, Network Rail and the British Transport Police came together to create a branded content film to empower the public and tackle the topic of suicide prevention.

For every life lost on the railways, six are saved by the people around them. For this reason, the video encourages the public to trust their instincts and start a conversation if someone on a platform looks like they might need help.

‘Small Talk Saves Lives’ isn’t sensationalist in the slightest. Instead, it focuses on everyday conversations and how to apply these same skills in a potential crisis situation, making a difficult subject accessible to the public.


Sport - Chabuddy CWC for Cricket World Cup

Think cricket is boring? Think again. ‘People Just do Nothing’ star Chabuddy G is enlisted as the Official Guide in a branded content film produced for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019.

Swapping traditional cricket whites for a modern look featuring leopard print and brogues, the comedian meets fans and learns more about the game from cricketing legends. In a sport seen by some as stuffy and old-fashioned, Chabuddy brings a new angle.

“I love loads of sports,” explains Chabuddy. “I like a bit of kicky ball, I like the punchy man, I like golf, but there’s one sport which stays true in my heart, and that’s cricket.” This pretty much matches our knowledge of the sporting world, and we love Chabuddy for it.


B2B - Dr. Martens: Rebel soles for Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens is an iconic British brand with a strong heritage and an even stronger reputation. The brand was therefore eager to ensure that new employees who joined the business understood and identified with the brand’s core values. While the company was enjoying rapid growth, it didn’t want to become a faceless global corporation.

This branded content film was produced for internal use to promote employee culture and encourage engagement. Teams have reported increased inspiration, motivation, mindfulness and validation as a result.


Brand Documentary - Volvo CE and LEGO Technic imagine the future of construction equipment

What started out as a fun, informal team building event gradually evolved into a mission to design the construction machines of the future.

Volvo Construction Equipment and LEGO® Technic joined creative forces with a team of children to design a futuristic, autonomous construction machine. The LEGO® Technic Volvo Concept Wheel Loader ZEUX set is now available in stores, there’s a digital prototype for a real-world autonomous machine, and a number of revolutionary patents have been filed.

Arvid Rinaldo, Brand Communication & Partnerships at Volvo CE explains how the branded content film serves their business:

“Volvo CE and the LEGO® Group together create a perfect match, both culturally and in what we try to achieve in our products – exploring together how we can build tomorrow”


How to make the best branded content film in 2019

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