Bert and Bertie fly the nest

It is with a heavy heart that we have to announce that directing duo Bert and Bertie are parting ways with The Gate Films.

What’s the opposite of no love lost? Maybe all the love gained?! If you’ve been trying to work with these award winning and talented directors for the past couple of years, you’ll know we’ve had to turn scripts down because the Berts have been too busy. Well, it’s got to the the stage where they are now full time, LA based, movie directors.

But oh, the fun we had!

The Berts first joined our roster of directors back in 2007, shooting commercials for Skyscanner, and The Scottish Sun. Through the years they shot content for Olympus, Greener Scotland and Tresemme.


Producer Rhiannon Lewis worked with them to produce a series of Idents for Tresemme and Britain’s Next Top Model. She says - “Working with the Berts was always a joy. They are exceptionally creative, and their vision of the world is part fantasy, part reality - just up my street! They would push and push for the most intricate art department, the freshest talent - the best of the best in every department. Their enthusiasm was infectious - everyone wanted to do the best job possible on set for them because they inspired that kind of team mentality. Every commercial they shot felt like a mini feature and I’m incredibly proud and inspired that they’re now Hollywood big time!”


Commercials were never the only string to the Berts bow. Around advertising content, they made short films "Phobias", "Spud" and "Worm" to name but a few. They picked up many an award along the way.

They moved to LA in 2015 after being selected for a female directors initiative at Fox Studios.

They made their first feature “Dance Camp” in 2016 for YouTube Red. A teen dance movie about a rebellious kid doing community service at a summer Dance Camp.


They are currently completing their second feature for Amazon Studios. It will be in cinemas next year. It stars Viola Davis, McKenna Grace and Allison Janney. It’s called “Troupe Zero” and is a heart warming, quirky comedy film about a misfit Troupe of Girl Scouts in 70s America who go on a mission to get their voices on Nasa’s Golden Record that was launched into space in 1977. Bertie says -
“It’s for every little girl (and the little girl in every grown woman) who feels like an outsider but knows they can reach for the stars. It was written by Lucy Alibar who wrote 'Beast Of The Southern Wild' and we had a blast shooting it this hot hot summer in the Deep South.”

We will miss Bert and Bertie - their hats, their kooky outlook on life, and their ability to throw some shapes at the Christmas party. We wish them the best of luck in everything they do.


We still have many awesome directors at The Gate, check our some of our kooky collection here

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