Cats will do almost anything for food, it’s true. But who’s really pulling the strings?

Our relationships with our cats can appear somewhat unusual from the outside. But it’s our little quirks that go so far in characterising the tender bond between us, as cat owners, and our beloved pets.


Once we knuckled down with the brief and outlined an action plan, executing this creative was a fun process and this is how we went about it.

In five brief vignettes, we aimed to capture moments that elicit an almost retrospective response from our audience, guiding their thoughts back to their own unique relationship with their cats. We aimed to promote sensorial product cues that lift the feeding experience a notch above the norm. 



Each film culminates in a feeding scene, reinforced with key messages on screen. And so, however unique one shows affection for their cat, they can be assured that their cats are receiving the very best, and healthiest, at mealtimes.

Through these charmingly concise and wholesomely relatable narratives, we bring the Encore brand mission of “Better Food, Better Pets, Better You” to life. 


The result was 5 x 15" films following different scenarios and then a 1 x 30" film combining all the creatives.



Director’s Comments: Graeme Hill

I jumped at the chance to direct this. The brief presented a genuine challenge for me as a filmmaker. I was presented with what I considered a highly relatable and fun premise. However, working with cats is never easy; they are unpredictable and fiercely independent animals. And it was our job to create some very specific moments of magic.

From the onset I wanted to work with actors who have their own cats, with the expectation that we capture genuine and real affection between owner and pet. And it worked! Real cats, real people, real emotion. “Love what’s inside” was our message and what better way to demonstrate this than through an authentic relationship.




Crew and Agency

Agency - Modern English

Director - Graeme Hill

Producer - Kayleigh Hutchinson

Production Assistant - Gabriela Prinn

DOP - Paul Mortlock

Focus Puller - Sean Beasley

Camera Assistant - Sam James

Gaffer - Chris Sarginson

Spark - Lee Syminton

MUA - Louise McCann

Art Dept - Chris Lowe

Location Manager - Gary Looker

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