It's rare when you find a mainstream fashion brand who gets the alternative and isn't scared explore this in their campaign concepts. With the launch of their 2017 Deadly Denim ad campaign, Firetrap needed to authentically assert their fondness for the darker side of life through film.

The Gate was their perfect accomplice.



The Gate was challenged to execute a film that captured the essence of Firetrap, showcasing the dark, rebellious and sexy nature of the brand. The campaign needed to work across multiple formats, both social and TVC and not only act as a Hero brand film, but subtly showcase key products from the AW 2017 line. 


 What we Did.

A scary, sexy story set in searing desert heat, the story burned across social channels and hit climax on TV screens on Halloween.

Gate director, Haris Nukem was an ideal fit for this project. His provocative style seizes the myriad sides of human animalism, capturing moments of heightened freedom - be it through friendship, adoration, excess, conviviality, or sex. Nukem's raw, gritty and unapologetically sexy aesthetic was exactly what Firetrap wanted to capture for their brand.

With strong, characters and dark, deadly undertones, the concept shares many traits with a gritty Netflix crime documentary… the kind everyone loves to binge on. So that’s how we treated it. To kick-off rollout of the campaign film, we created assets that would fan the flames across Facebook and Instagram.

Teasing soundbites that were tinged with darkness like the below were planted across social channels...



Switching to longer form trailers, complete with more interviews, scenic snippets and illicit crime scene footage, we cashed in on initial curiosity and revved up the anticipation.

Finally, at fever pitch, the TVC directed by Haris Nukem launched and Firetrap ignited. Following the TVC, a series of Hub and Help films such as How to get the Biker Girl Look, behind the scenes footage and model interviews helped to drive consideration among this target segment.


Making of mini-documentary with director, Haris Nukem...


Behind the scenes film with the stylists...


Behind the scenes with model and influencer, Ricky Hall...


The Result.

"The Deadly Denim campaign has executed the essence of Firetrap perfectly by showcasing the dark, rebellious and sexy nature of the brand. The Gate were able to bring a raw concept to life whilst ensuring the hero products were always the key focus throughout.

I couldn’t have asked for a better team to work on this project for us, the dedication and excitement shown by all involved, to create something incredible has been overwhelming. I am delighted with the outcome of this campaign."

- Firetrap

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