If you’ve ever used Instagram then you’ll know that brand aesthetic is everything if you want to make it big. So what happens if your brand already has a reputation as ‘affordable’, but you want to change this to ‘we can’t live without you’? We’ve been working with Warren James, the UK's largest independently owned jewellery chain, to do exactly this.



Aside from being a production company, our knowledge of online and social content means that we’re perfectly equipped to give brands a glow-up. To help Warren James build up their social media presence and attract a new, younger audience, we’ve taken them down every road we know. Stills photography, a TV ad, influencer posts, website redesign - we’re proud to show off all the skills we have in-house, and we’re even more proud to see them transforming a real life brand that’s been around since 1979.





Warren James have refreshed their presence in a way that taps into the mainstream, using younger models and well-known influencers to reach an audience who will shop online during a pandemic, and who will be loyal to a brand that makes an effort to curate their Instagram feed. Our content is being pumped into Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, and we’ve enlisted Jac Jossa, Pete Wicks and Tristan Jones (with over 4.6 million followers between them) to get the social generation screaming for Warren James products to be part of their life.

The Gate also managed to secure huge product placement activity, with Warren James featuring in the latest video from chart-topper Headie One and Gen Z icon Aitch, ‘Parlez-vous Anglais’, which has already racked up almost 3 million YouTube views. We captured behind-the-scenes footage and stills as Warren James styled the models, giving the brand an invaluable cultural exchange.



For anyone who thought Warren James was just a low-budget space for emergency stocking-fillers, we promise you’ll erase that thought when you see their diamond-studded collections across coral-coloured jumper necklines and on bare wrists. To round off the year, we’ve done what we do best with a full TV ad that, if we do say so ourselves, will make you want to put the entire store in your shopping basket. Directed by Graeme Hill, the advert will go live in time for Christmas.

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