We asked our team a few questions about what they get up to during their time in isolation. Here are their answers. 



What’s your go to music choice while WFH ? Fave spotify playlist?

Dan - GRIME/RAP!! Always

Hollie - Listening to a lot of Rolling Stones and...Baby Shark! Haha 

Nathan - For working I'm listening to the Spotify playlist 'lofi hip hop music' by ChilledCow to help me focus. After work however - anything I can dance to!

Holly - Country music will always be my go to. Love a good ole country twang but i'm into the Dear Evan Hansen and &Juliet soundtrack at the moment too. 

Josh - I'm on podcasts at the moment - That Peter Crouch Podcast, Fight Disciples, Joe Rogan, Football Ramble. Music whilst working gets me stressed!

Emma - I’ve been listening to Selena Gomez a lot lately so right now her or Disney Songs

Lindsay - The soundtrack from Ready Player One 

Ben - It changes everyday! 80’s and rock are my go to, but as my fellow work colleagues are aware, I do appreciate some Jazz. I just find it really relaxing to work to! Unfortunately they aren't as keen on my choices - but that’s fine because they aren’t here :)

P.S sometimes I sing Sade’s ‘Smooth Operator’ after I’ve smashed another busy and productive day. Don’t judge.

James Shannon - I’ve not really been listening to a whole load of music or using spotify whilst at home. Maybe because I’m at home I’m listening to a lot more radio… or maybe that is because people in the office won’t let me listen to Steve Wright in the afternoon!  I’m an oldie before my time. When I do have Spotify on, my go to artist at the moment is Stumbleine and listen to the album Echo Chamber. Very chilled and ambient…great for country walks.

Megan - My daily mixes on Spotify, lots of Drake.

Anna - Radio 1 or a good podcast (The High Low is my fave). If I'm feeling stressed I like the 'Lo-Fi Beats' spotify playlist and if I'm feeling really stressed... silence.

Lauren - I like to listen to ‘my favourite murder’ podcast or a football one like Peter Crouch’s podcast. Gemma Collins’ podcast is also good if you’re looking for something light hearted. I also love the ‘My dad wrote a porno’ podcast, it's hilarious! My music choice would be Britney or something equally as cheesy.

Si - Thomas and his Friends and Adam and the Ants as a spotify playlist

Rhi - Burning down the house by Tom Jones and the cardigans. And 6 music. 




What’s your go to movie?

Dan -  Step Brothers lol

Hollie- Feel good films - Disney + just launched so we watched Moana!

Nathan - Halloween! (Don't be fooled by the title - it's great all year round 😜)

Holly - I love white chicks or any pixar film. However my DVD collection exceeds 2000 so I'm trying to get through all of them at the moment. We've only tackled 34 films and 10 series so far this year, so we've got a long way to go.

Josh - We're meant to be working!!

Emma - With Disney+ launched now just pretty much anything on there if not then Legally Blonde

Lindsay - I am Legend and Contagion. I'm a PM I am prepared! But in all seriousness probs can't share that. So let's say Blade Runner the original (I still love it!)

Ben - Casino Royale or La La Land. I could watch either film countless times!

James Shannon - Goonies… or Terminator Judgement day. 

Megan - Any Harry Potter, or 21 Jump Street.

Anna - I'd either go for something super girly like Sex and the City or a psychological thriller like Shutter Island... two complete opposites so it would depend on my mood!

Lauren - Dirty dancing or Pretty woman. I also watch Sex and the city at every possible opportunity 

Si - Thomas and his Friends

Rhi - What even are films?  are they longer than 5 minutes? No chance!




Favourite board game?

Dan -  Cluedo

Hollie - Articulate :)

Nathan - Monopoly!

Holly - Ticket to ride. I attempted scrabble for the first time in years the other day. Matt said he refused to ever play again. I take too long apparently. In my defense it is a nightmare game for a sore loser who overthinks every possible outcome. I could play cards all day long though!

Josh - Again, meant to be working! ...but Boulderdash.

Emma - I don’t really play many board games but I do enjoy playing Trivia

Lindsay - Battleship!

Ben - Connect 4! I never lose a game. It’s true, you can find the fact itself somewhere on encyclopedia.

James Shannon - Trivial Pursuit, it brings out the best in people…

Megan - Favourite board game would be Cluedo cause in my past life I think I was a detective.

Anna - Plain old Monopoly or if I'm feeling awake enough, Articulate

Lauren - At the moment, Minions monopoly with my little boy

Si - Thomas and his Friends

Rhi - “Draw on this board while mummy does this conference call” 




How do you keep mindful throughout the working day?

Dan - Regular short breaks, stand up so I'm not slumped all day! Go outside for 5 mins to refresh

Hollie - I try to focus on the positives and the task in hand at that time. 

Nathan - Don't have a constant stream of the news! Work outside in the sun from the garden (whilst keeping a safe distance from everyone of course).

Holly - Tough one. I'm working on it haha. I make sure I go for a walk before I start work, then I try and take a break before finishing! I'll be a master soon I'm sure. After work, try and put a film on or something to take my mind off.

Josh - I don't, I'm losing my mind!

Emma - Knowing that it will all be over soon and things will eventually get back to normal.

Lindsay - Watch the dog chase my son around the garden for PE! It's hilarious and puts the world into perspective.

Ben - I just try and stay positive and focus on one task at a time. The more you overthink the tasks you need to do, the harder you can make it for yourself sometimes! Keep calm is what I’d advise!

Megan - Stop every so often for 5 minutes of just breathing. And stroke your pets!

Anna - I like to position myself so that I'm looking out of a window, I find this really helps my mood.

Lauren - I sit at my dining table whilst working which faces the window so I can see the trees and fields at the back of my house and it really relaxes me.

Si - Training

Rhi - exercise. We’re doing the body coach with Jow Wickes each morning, then I remote train with Jess from Tribe Mcr, and the pilates classes remotely from G4 in didsbury.




What’s the best advice you could give while staying isolated? 

Dan - Keep in contact with friends and family as much as possible, use time to learn a new skill

Hollie - Keep a routine as much as you can! Have a shower, get changed, make a brew and try and eat when you normally would when in the office. In the evening I like to tidy up as much as I can as though I have just come in from work and then make tea and get in to my comfys then!

Nathan  - It's important to stay updated with the news, but don't do this on a constant basis, and only read news from reputable sources - stick to the facts! 

- Resist the urge to eat everything in the fridge and cupboards 

- I've just started doing yoga which I'm loving and find it keeps me relaxed and is good exercise (you should definitely be exercising!)

- Stay in touch with friends, family, colleagues via phone, text, video calls etc, especially those that are alone


Holly - Keep to a routine. Get up as you would, and get a shower and breakfast at around your usual time. Apparently wearing trainers at your desk can also encourage more movement. I've yet to try this though as my feet are always cold unless I have my thermal socks and fluffy slippers on over the top.

Josh - Get a dog ASAP.

Emma - Do the stuff you didn’t have the time to do before (that doesn’t involve going outside)

Lindsay - Keep busy! All those jobs you always meant to do!

Ben - I think sorting out a routine would definitely be beneficial. No one knows how long we might be isolated for, so keeping yourself occupied in some sort of capacity would help out! I’ve started going for a run in the morning before starting my working day. After 5.30pm, I’ve recently fetched out an old keyboard from the loft to start learning! I’ve always wanted to learn, and now feels like there’s no time better to start! Learning any new craft/skill would go a long way to keeping yourself sane. And keep talking to family and facetiming those people out there you can’t be with right now!

James Shannon - Don’t go outside

Megan - Use this time to take a step back and start appreciating the little things, use the time to learn new hobbies/read/draw.

Anna - Keep talking to the people you work with throughout the day, even if conversations aren't always work related.

Lauren - I think it’s really important to get fresh air and go for a walk to stretch your legs (responsibly adhering to the government guidelines of course!).

Si - Get up before the kids, it freaks them out and puts them off guard for the rest of the day. Train in the day. Drink heavily at night.

Rhi - Gin




Your go to snack/ brekkie / lunch / tea? 

Dan - Currently eating melon which is one of my favourites so we'll go with that lol :)

Hollie - Snack - seabrooks crisps! Lunch - noodle pots! Brekkie - bagel and cream cheese

Nathan - Scrambled egg on toast. There's never a wrong time for this beauty.

Holly - SOUP SOUP SOUP! Love me some soup haha! Also fresh salmon on a crusty roll!

Josh - Boiled eggs for breakfast, happy days!

Emma - As people know I’m terrible at eating so a Pink Lady Apple is perfect

Lindsay - Anything fresh so not as waste food, it's made me definitely want to waste less going forward, plus I want to donate all my tins to the food bank soon as we can go out!

Ben - My dream meal is a steak pie and chips. You just can’t take the wigan out of a lad!

James Shannon - Wheetos , Tesco plant based wrap , Chicken Madras , perfectly balanced diet right there!

Megan - a tangerine, or a crumpet. Brunch, avocado toast with chilli flakes of course, and tea, I love a good fish dish!

Anna - Toasties are always a winner

Lauren - I’ve been making a food plan to make sure I don’t waste any food (which I tended to do a lot in the past), so I make a plan each week of different meals going by the expiry date on the meat etc. I’m also trying to eat healthier and I’ve found that I’m eating proper meals now, which is so much better than my usual routine of often picking at food throughout the day rather than having set meal times. 

Si -  Any suit I can get my hands on/Rhi’s home made Granola/Whatever’s left from tea/spicy wedges with something.

Rhi - Gin

As you can see we're still all working - so if you have a brief for us, whether it's to tackle shooting remotely, or a post production job, get in touch below...

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