For all of you Dominos discount code scrollers; to everyone furiously trying to guess a valid Deliveroo coupon - you can stop that right now. We’re here to bring you our latest ad for The Pizza Company, and it’s a feel-good 30-seconds that’ll warm your hands (and bellies) this winter.

This year has thrown many an obstacle in the way of dining out with your pals, so The Pizza Company have created an irresistible offer which means you don’t even need to put your coat on (for tonight, anyway). Two pizzas, two sides, three dips - £10. Our job is done. The deal, available exclusively at Tesco, is a fraction of the cost of getting a takeaway. And, if you count the time it would take for a delivery, it’s probably a lot quicker.


A dream for parents looking to please the fam and a saving grace for students locked inside their halls - there has been a lot of bad news in 2020, so we’re delighted to bring some sparkle to your screens. Featuring a tiny animated pizza called ‘Big Deal’, our ad shows that, in the year of cancelled holidays, some serious pizza is very welcome.

We begin with a sombre scene - mum, dad and two kids playing chess, we’re feeling a little glum. Big Deal arrives on the scene, he’s kind of cheesy, but isn’t that what we want? Their evening is instantly transformed, and that’s how we want you to feel too. If all we’ve got left on a Saturday night is carbs, we want as many as we can get.


The ad was directed by James Clancy, with the animated character designed by Flipbook Studio. Offline and grade were handled in-house, with sound design by our friends at Nice Sound. Our TVC is currently running nationwide, whatever tier you’re in.




Crew & Agency

Agency - Fearless

Director - James Clancy

Producer - James Shannon

Production coordinator - Nathan Miah

DOP - Paul Mortlock

Focus Puller - Sean Beasley

Stylist - Karen Jones Russell

Makeup - Louise Rothwell

Food Stylist - Natalie Garforth

Offline Editor - Natalie Meziani

Sound design - Nice Sound

Grade - Michael Nixon

Online - Julien Lasson

Animation - Flipbook Stud


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