TGF: Tell us about your journey to get here

My journey to The Gate was pretty ordinary (studied film studies at uni etc) so I’ll leave that out …the journey for me started at The Gate. 

TGF: What’s the best advice that you’ve ever been given?

Get out there and make stuff. Being proactive and making things happen for yourself rather than hoping it comes to you. Throughout Uni and after, I was making films with my mates. Looking back now, the majority were shit, but it’s about coming together and having a common goal. I recommend any budding young filmmakers to watch Son of Rambow. If any film is to inspire somebody to get out there and make film, then that is the one to watch! 




TGF: What’s your go-to advice to help others?

To be inquisitive, especially those early days of work experience on set. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to members of crew when they have any down time. Show a willingness to help out on set as much as possible. It’s your opportunity to make an impression. It’s normally work experience people or a runner I have remembered on set that I have asked back to work at The Gate. 


TGF: Tell us about your life ambition. 

People are ambitious in different ways, for me the ultimate achievement is doing what makes me happy. Striving to produce the best film content and winning the best work is definitely something that helps in this pursuit, but its just a small piece of the puzzle. It’s also about ensuring that I make quality time for family and friends whilst doing projects outside of filming. 



TGF: Is there an unforgettable project that shaped your way of working?

Working with our rostered director Simon Mulvaney on Quorn | Mycoprotein is up there. With this particular project, we had to keep it relatively minimal in regards to production resource and crew. With the shoot also being very intricate, with a lot of pre-production planning needed really allowed us to focus on attention to detail. Consequently, resulting what could be a very tricky shoot being one of the best planned shoots I have been part of. 

The most important thing about this project was the creative. Simon did an incredible job at pulling together a very strong idea that was executed beautifully all the way through to post production and delivery. We needed a film that would help captivate and engage audiences and we hope that we achieved this.


TGF: Who would be your dream client?

Pedigree or anything dog related. Everyone knows we all love dogs at The Gate and we’ve shot our fair share of commercials with them in.

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