Put simply, these times, they are a-changin' (we may have borrowed that).

You’d be pretty hard pressed to have missed the plastic-free movement that has swept the nation over the past few years. ‘The Blue Planet effect’ as it’s now widely known, was monumental in allowing us to see the true scale of destruction that our addiction to single use plastic has had/is having on the planet.

It was very much a wake up and smell the destruction moment, resulting in more people than ever wanting to make serious change - us included!
We’re told to avoid sweating the small stuff. But we say no, sweat the small stuff all you like. The small stuff cumulatively becomes big stuff.

Recent statistics show that the average UK family produces around 1 tonne of plastic packaging waste per year.

That’s roughly the weight of a giraffe, a walrus or a baleen whale’s testicle - puts things in perspective, right?

This week marks Zero Waste Week, but we’re going beyond 7-days.

We’re championing a zero-tolerance policy on set. From this day forward, we will not be providing bottled drinking water on set. Instead, we will be providing a water filtering urn, along with reusable drinking bottles. Today marks our first plastic-free shoot!

It may sound like we’re getting on our soap box, but we’re fed up of seeing multiple bottles half-drank and left lying around, it makes our green-hearts sink.

We’re championing this change by providing water bottles for each individual on set, we’ll provide a trusty water-filter, brimming at all times to fill at your leisure. Go wild.

Friends of The Gate, watch this space for a special discount from Klean Kanteen for your own jazzy Gate branded bottle.

Please support us in our efforts to make film sets more environmentally-friendly and we hope this has inspired you as an individual or as an organisation to make a small change that will make a huge difference.