Our production manager Lindsay talks you through why you shouldn’t write off shooting in the winter months…


Aah the month of January, a time when traditionally 95% of crew would be off snowboarding and the industry stalls! What a waste! January is still a great month to film and to keep the momentum going. Sure, the nights draw in quicker meaning outdoor shoots have less natural daylight (let us worry and advise on that) but think about it, there are so many more options... It would be silly not to draw your attention to all the positives. 


Their availability is usually excellent! Your pick of the best without worrying you're going to lose good people. The same for cast, anyone you want to work with you usually can't get hold of? 



This is key; most of the larger studios are chocca from September onwards with drama season, meaning options become limited for a one day shoot in the run up to Christmas and no one wants that! Hello January, hello options! This applies to locations too so take your pick. 


Permission Granted

Permissions. Don't you hate waiting for various licenses or permissions for road closures that impede your shoot schedule? It's the perfect time of year, they are not inundated with production company after production company scrambling to push consent through. People are more amenable (this goes for everything) and schedules can be more flexible to suit you. 


Still Not Convinced?

Still don't want to shoot here. I hear you! January blues and a grey sky are (let's be honest) depressing and hardly nurture the creative. While most of your competitors are still polishing off those Christmas chocolates and leftover crackers we could be planning your summer campaigns with you. Let us whisk you off to our partners in Cape Town, and get you ahead of schedule for the coming year. Locations are numerous and the sun always shines. There are plenty of houses, gardens, parks and streets that replicate the UK so it makes an ideal setting for an external creative. Pack your suitcase and we will take care of the rest! 


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