Creating a unique car dealership ad that stands out from the crowd is no easy feat - but with a dash of dark comedy and a stellar script, we think our latest TVC for Perrys Motor Sales has done the trick... 



The client Perrys is a nationwide car dealership, selling new and used cars. They were founded over 100 years ago, and today they operate across 40 locations in the UK as well as online.


Our friends at McCann approached us with an amazing script of a woman who has had to compromise to her husband’s wishes throughout their marriage. She has finally says enough at the decision for the new car, and the audience are left wondering how she's won this argument as she tamps down her new patio. We approached Jackie Oudney with the script, as we knew she’d understand the dark comedy side and bring the style of a drama to the concept. 




Working with Jackie, our first task was to cast the lead character. This was a key element to the whole ad, as the concept is a monologue to the camera. We had a few casting recalls and were all really happy with Nikki Hellens. Her facial expressions and delivery of the script really brought the character to life. 


The other key element was the location. Locations manager Dan Connolly trawled the streets of Manchester to find a house that would fit with the demographic of the character. The main challenge was finding a house that had a driveway through to the back garden, without a gate or garage in the way! 




We shot over 1 day with 2 cameras. In the morning, we had 2 cameras at the house location to capture the script and the lovely glances to the side as our lead character talks. Then, after lunch, we sent one of our camera team and the client to capture the Perrys Garage in Preston, while we continued to get the high, wide shots of her tamping down her patio. We were lucky with the weather, and the crew collaborated really well, resulting in a relaxed, positive atmosphere. 




All post production was done in-house by our amazing team. The result was 1 x 30” TVC, 1 x 30” online with a slightly longer script and 1 x 40” director’s cut.


Zane Radcliffe, Exec Creative Director at McCann said:

Jackie has been a pleasure to work with and brought so much to our script. As have Abi and the team at The Gate. The casting is top notch. The shoot itself was a breeze. A tricky location brief but they found the perfect house and garden. The client was relatively new to it all and both Jackie and The Gate really helped them understand the process and involve them on the day. The result is a fresh and darkly funny spot that will raise plenty of smiles (and a few eyebrows!).


Client & Crew

Client - Perrys

Director - Jackie Oudney

Producer - Abi Saleem

Production Manager - Lindsay Cowan

Production Assistant - Anna Boase

Executive Producer - Josh Boswell

D.O.P - Dan Lightening 

Focus Puller - Dann Cooper

DIT - Jan Koblanski

DIT Support - Megan Parker

VT Op - Matt Hewitt

Grip - Christopher McDonough 

2nd Camera - Mark Davenport

Gaffer - Chris Sarginson

Spark - Lee Simington

Sound - John Horrocks

Art Director – Antony Wright 

Stylist - Steven Spencer & Leila Milne 

HMU – Katie Wrigley 

Cast - Nikki Hellens

Voiceover - Michael Ashtiany

Post / VFX & Grade – The Gate Films

Location Manager - Dan Connolly 

Agency - McCann 

Exec Producer - Sarah Jarvis 

Exec Creative Director - Zane Radcliffe 

Senior Art Director - Ken Sara 

Senior Account Director - Alex Lake 

Senior Account Manager - Abbey McGrane 


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