For our next Photographer 101 we learn more about fashion photographer Molly Megan and her experience working with fashion brands like Missguided.



What do you enjoy most about shooting for fashion brands?

I love collaborating with the team to create the clients’ vision. It’s really special when everyone has their unique talent and they all blend together to create something beautiful - it’s a great feeling. 


Which project has been your most informative to date?

The ‘Redefining Nudes’ campaign with Missguided was a shoot I’m really proud to have been a part of. It was definitely something new for me to shoot normal, everyday people – some of whom had no modelling experience whatsoever – but helping them to feel super confident and beautiful, as they should. It was such an amazing feeling to see their reactions to their photos on the day, and giving them confidence in turn gave me confidence back.


How do you push a brief to exceed client expectations?

I think it’s really important to follow their vision – but if you know something could really work, it’s always good to suggest and show it – they might love it! It’s also important to remember they haven’t only thought of the brief solely from your point of view as a photographer, so new suggestions will usually be very welcome.



Which clients have been a dream to work with?

I have only been freelance for a short time – but I worked for Missguided for over 7 years and loved every day of it. The team are amazing and everyone is very open to ideas – you are challenged to push boundaries in a safe, supportive environment. 


Have you had to work in any challenging locations? How did you handle it?

Balancing on some rocks in the sea in Ibiza, with a team of just 3 of us. Luckily the stylist is a good friend and managed to hold still the reflector (and stop me from falling) on a very windy day!





Who is the most important and or influential person for you in the world of photography right now?

That’s such a difficult question as social media is saturated with so many talented creatives. In the early days, I would have sat looking at books or scrolling through photography communities in Uni – now you see creative imagery every time you log on to Instagram – and there is so much talent out there. My favourite since I started has always been Lara Jade – she got really big at a really young age with a very unique style – a style that has become much more refined over the years. I could sit and look at her imagery all day – it’s beautiful!


Do you think photographers have a responsibility to make challenging, socially conscious work?

Yes – fashion photography is created to inspire. It has such power to push boundaries and break down social norms. What fashion brands put out - people will follow. Fashion brands have a huge responsibility, in my opinion, to always be inclusive and address current situations to their mass followings and to lead by example.





When inspiration is waning, when creativity is sapped, how do you stay inspired?

I don’t often feel this way – inspiration is literally everywhere – social media, films, the outdoors.. It’s hard to switch off!


What non-photography medium inspires your work?

Film – I’m really interested in it. 


Is the evolution of your style a conscious or subconscious process?

I think it’s a bit of both. There are definitely trends in fashion photography and I definitely feel inspired to try new things or ways of shooting. However, you’re always going to bring your personal style and preferences along for the journey. 


How do you balance meeting commercial objectives without sacrificing your art?

It is super important to meet the clients’ expectations and brief – I see each shoot as a challenge and something new, rather than a sacrifice. 



What’s going on in your world when you’re not looking through a lens?

When I’m not shooting – you can find me looking after my toddler! I also love long walks with my little family and cooking!

What’s your advice for emerging photographers wanting to make their stamp in the industry?

Test, test, test – shoot what YOU like and find your style. 

What are you most looking forward to with your adventure with The Gate?

Meeting lots of different creative, like-minded people and creating beautiful imagery together!


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