TGF: Tell us about your journey to get here

I graduated with a BA in TV production from Manchester Metropolitan Uni in 2002. Things were very different back then - I’d learnt to shoot on film and tape, it was the gap between those formats and shooting was the best of times, it was the worst of times!

I’d done as much work experience as I possibly could during my degree, running for a lot of Manchester based production companies, as well as plenty in London. One of these placements led to my first job in TV at Channel 4 on T4 - A youth show that used to run every Sunday morning on Channel 4. I loved being a runner, but living in London with very little money burnt me out very quickly. I came back up to Manchester in search of a job. I got an in as a PA at The Gate, and I’ve been here ever since. 




TGF: What’s the best advice that you’ve ever been given?

Work hard and be nice - we’re not saving lives.


TGF: What’s your go-to advice to help others? 

Perspective and problem solving. Don’t panic - break everything down and ask for help if you need it. There’s always a solution, you just need to give yourself the head space to work it out.




TGF: Tell us about your life ambition.

Aside from making sure my kids are happy, I’d love to see more diversity in creatives and directors. The advertising industry is so male dominated - I’d love to see a more woman, and generally a more diverse group of people sharing ideas. 

I’d also love to live somewhere sunny! 


TGF: Is there an unforgettable project that shaped your way of working?

I think any of the projects I’ve done for Missguided. Nitin (CEO of Missguided) has always pushed me to work in different ways, and allowed me to discover different ways of producing (mainly due to the lack of budget - love you guys!). But my best experiences (shooting on the rooftops of Paris, running round Salvation Mountain or up on a glacier) and my worst experiences (hiring a dodgy photographer from instagram, losing models in traffic and regularly pulling 18 hour days) have all been for that brand. Again, love you guys!





TGF: Who would be your dream client?

Gucci. Under the leadership of creative director Alessandro Michele. I’d also love to shoot the content from the Met Ball. 


TGF: What advice would you give those wanting to work in film.

Get a driving license, and work hard. Never act like a task is below you, always strive to be creative (even when just making a cup of coffee), and be nice.


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