Following on from the success of the 2018 commercials which demonstrate how much hidden space can be revealed once you have Sharps wardrobes fitted, whilst demonstrating the clever tricks and innovative products that come with Sharps wardrobes. We needed to produce 2 commercials for 2 different ranges.



The initial plan was to production design the sets to see what new tricks we could incorporate into the commercials to make them stand out from the competition. Bugsy and Pete worked together to come up with two amazing sets which had clever hidden tricks in there so that we could shoot it all in camera. We built 4 different sets (two for each room set) and shot the commercials across 2 days at Space studios.



The sets had to work within the dimensions and limitations of Sharps furniture so production design was absolutely key to the pre-production of this project. The interior styling - done by Hannah Cork - then followed on from the production design to ensure the commercials had the premium Sharps feel and differentiated one set from the other. 

Two brand new commercials for Sharps that had more in-camera tricks in than ever before and demonstrates perfectly the hidden spaces revealed by Sharps furniture.

The air date was the 23rd December 2019.



Crew & Agency

Agency – The Behaviours Agency 

Client – Sharps

Director - Bugsy Steele

Producer - Hollie Newton

Production Manager - Lindsay Cowan

DOP - Shaun Atherton

1st Assistant Director - Stevie Fylan

Production Designer - Pete Rodwell

Interior Stylist - Hannah Cork

Construction Manager - Gary Kimpton

Stylist - Steven Spencer

Make Up - Lou McCann

Editor - Mike Nixon


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