We had the pleasure of once again partnering with Peanut, this time to produce stills for their new 'Invisible Mothers' campaign, which addresses the mental and physical struggles faced by women in all stages of motherhood.

Peanut is a social networking app designed specifically for mothers, which has helped to connect over 3 million users worldwide since its launch in 2017. Their newest campaign, titled ‘Invisible Mothers’, brings visibility to the issues which many mothers face in silence. 


Postpartum 312 week scan


The brand conducted global research into the issue of ‘invisibility’ in motherhood, surveying over 3,600 women on their personal experiences. The study found that 75% of women feel invisible in their motherhood journey, with 94% reporting feeling unappreciated, unacknowledged or unseen. To bring light to this research, and help mothers feel more seen and understood in their journeys, Peanut created the ‘Invisible Mothers’ campaign, consisting of still images and video content addressing the issue of invisibility. 


Having previously produced a set of brand stills for Peanut back in 2021, their team approached us about partnering again on the new campaign, this time to bring the ‘Faceless Portrait’ stills to life. These stills would feature real women in various stages of motherhood, from trying to conceive and pregnancy to postpartum life and breastfeeding, all with one thing in common - their faces would be missing. This would act as a visual representation of the feeling of invisibility shared by mothers throughout their respective journeys. 


Tandem feedingPostpartum 2


Once we were onboard, we got straight to work casting for the campaign. It was vital that the women shown in these images had real experience of the issues we were trying to portray. By casting diverse women with a range of body types, skin tones and parental experiences, we were able to represent a true breadth of women who were relatable to Peanut’s user base. We also made sure to get photographer Molly Megan on board, who’d shot our previous work for Peanut,  to capture the campaign images. Once we’d brought in styling and art direction from Sara Louise, and prepped Foundry Film Studios, we were ready to shoot…



We shot the images over 2 days at Foundry, working alongside Peanut’s social team who also shot video and audio content with our cast. Then the stills went into retouch, to remove the women's faces. It was important for this campaign that no other retouching was done besides the faces being removed, to ensure the images were as authentic and representative as possible of real mothers' bodies. It was a real honour to be involved in creating these images, and to help bring light to Peanut’s important research through the Faceless Portrait image series.


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Hannah Hastings, VP of brand marketing and communications at Peanut, said: 

Upon sharing the idea and brief with The Gate, their reaction was incredibly positive and deeply empathetic. Rhiannon expressed how much she resonated with the concept, having personal experiences with many of the challenges we were aiming to highlight through 'Invisible Mothers.'... Her first hand knowledge and understanding of the maternal experience ensured that every aspect of the campaign was handled with the care, sensitivity, and raw honesty that it required.

The production team worked meticulously to create a supportive environment on set, one where the women could feel safe and empowered to reveal their postpartum bodies.”


Read Hannah's interview with Little Black Book to find out more about the 'Invisible Mothers' campaign.


Client & Crew

Client | Peanut

Producer | Rhiannon Lewis

Junior Producer | Florence Martin

Production Assistant | Abigail Hughes

Stills Photographer | Molly Megan 

Digi Assist | Jason Mitchell

Gaffer | Mark Nolan

Lighting Assistant | Jack Gibbons

Videographer | Hannah Wardle

MUA | Katie Wrigley

MUA Assistant | Kim Lumsdon

Stylist / Art Director | Sara Louise

Set Decorator | Imogen Peers


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