The leaves are falling, the air's getting crisp, and Halloween's on the horizon... which means we’re in the mood to cosy up on the couch and switch on a scary film! To help you prep your movie night playlist, we asked the Gate's team all about their favourite spooky flicks…

Halloween (1978)



Lauren - Finance Manager: The original Halloween movie  

Nathan - Junior Production Manager: Mine is Halloween. You can't have spooky season without a film named after its namesake after all! This is the first horror film I ever saw and it scared the pants off me! It's a legitimate classic, and paved the way for the modern slashers that followed. This film is, for me, the one that all other horror films are judged against.



Hocus Pocus (1993)



Libby - Editor: Hocus Pocus!

Rhiannon - Head of Production: I've never been a fan of horror films - I get so scared while watching them that I've been known to wear a hoodie back to front and just sit with the hood up over my face for most of the film. So my idea of a good Halloween film in Hocus Pocus - I haven't watched the sequel yet, so that's going to be my Halloween watch!

Charlie - Head of Commercial & Marketing: Got to be Hocus Pocus! I've not watched the second one yet, so that can be my weekend watch…

Monster House (2006)



Leah - Junior Editor: Monster House is up there for me!

Robbie - Production Assistant: My favourite spooky season film is and always will be Monster House - I love the whole feel of it and the look, and it always takes me back to being a kid and gives me those nostalgic chills only a film like Monster House could.



Jennifer's Body (2009)



Megan - Junior Editor: Jennifer’s Body!

Hannah - Content Creator: Jennifer’s Body is a halloween must-watch for me - a high school horror-comedy that's become a cult classic!



Scream (1996)



Mike - Head of Post Production: Scream. 26 years old and still influencing films to this day! 

Rhiannon - Head of Production: I'm a 90's kid, and this 1996 thriller used to scare us silly at sleepovers and parties. 


''The Haunting' Series (2018-present)

BLY MANORHOHH_106_Unit_01017R


Dan - Finance Assistant: I'm not massive on horror stuff, but I enjoyed the Haunting of Hill House series and its sequel!

Hannah - Content Creator: I recently watched The Haunting of Bly Manor and loved it - the perfect balance of great storytelling and spookiness, with a few jump scares thrown in for good measure.


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