Oliver’s Travels wanted to make a statement and deliver a breakthrough brand campaign to
launch their business to a wider audience. We needed to clearly position the business in the
villa holidays market and make them top of mind for people looking for a less ordinary holiday.


Oliver’s Travels approached us to help produce a series of assets for both TV, and online paid media. This year they wanted to plan a well thought out, multi-channel campaign, with TV in mind that could be adapted for all media channels. Therefore, it was key that the creative idea was seen as a bigger campaign that was considered for all platforms, including photography.



In 2003, Oliver and his best friend Ravi spent a week staying in a chateau in Dordogne with a group of friends, and before the end of the trip they had decided to start a business together where they could offer a similar experience to others. Now they find extraordinary places, all over the world.


We wanted to use a real family, to show how the experience of an Oliver’s villa can be enjoyed by all ages and help craft special memories that last a lifetime. It needed to be authentic and helped us pursue our wish to create a mini-documentary.



Our creative team devised the idea of “Live it, Oliver’s it”, keeping Oliver’s message of “Find your extraordinary” in mind. We wanted to show moments which embodied the Oliver’s ethos -beautiful moments, incredible locations, hand-picked experiences.

We found the perfect family for our ad in the Golding family. We then captured them from the moment they boarded the plane, and across each and every experience they underwent through the concierge service that Oliver’s offers. This required a minimal crew, so we could flexibly move around and capture footage that not only could be used in our documentary but could also be used in our social films.


They participated in activities such as kayaking, and an individual dining experience as a chef came to their villa to cook for their family and friends. They also had the opportunity to explore the magnificent chateaux which existed on the land where their villa was situated, search the surrounding gardens, and splash around in their private pool. Outside of these walls, they could roam through fresh lavender fields – and most importantly, create memories that will last a lifetime.

Quote from Maria Serna, Head of Marketing for Oliver Travels

"Working with The Gate couldn't have been a smoother and more rewarding process. From day one they were very diligent and organised but also extremely creative and on-point. They understood the brief and requirements perfectly and delivered film content that was extremely engaging, captivating and unique."



Director - James Clancy

Producer - James Shannon

Production Assistant - Ben Bradley

DOP - Oliver Richomme

1st AC - Sean Beasley

Camera Assistant - Jan Koblanski

Sound Operator - Tomos Pierce

Editor - Harley Spence

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