Hope you’re bearing up in these difficult times. We’re trying to remain positive and see what we can do as a business to help our agencies and clients.

We want to keep going as much as humanly possible, it’s good for both business and all of our minds! 


Whilst we are all now home working...

This week we have launched a completely remote set up from our 8000 sq-ft studio space and have already shot content for food giant Arla, through Tag, and Sofology using the new system.

We designed it initially to be able to shoot regular content for international clients who can’t attend, it has now been re-purposed for the current crisis. Aside from moving all 12 edit, visual effects and audio suites into our staff’s homes, the studio is now equipped to shoot with only 1 or 2 crew present, or none at all if required. All we need to do is add cast or products. We have introduced strict protocols in place regarding following all government guidelines on cleanliness and distancing for those who are on the premises and have contingency plans should we move, as expected, to further restrictions.


All cameras feed into a mixing desk and viewer...

That is streamed live to director, agency and clients for comments and approval. All of the LED lighting (up to 152 lights) are run from normal 13-amp power and run to the same, central, mixing board, with all intensity, direction and colour temperature also able to be controlled by a single person.

It means that we can offer a full shooting and finishing package that can be run from the comfort of your own homes!


Here’s a quote from one of the first agencies to use it this week, production agency Tag, who were shooting spots for Arla food’s ‘Apetina cheese’ brand. Cooper George, project manager at Tag explained how it worked for them.

“It worked like a dream. Myself and the agency were stuck in different locations in London, and our client in Denmark. We all watched the whole shoot live, fed back and got the film that we would normally get, with no attendance and minimal crew.”

If you have anything you think we can help with then please give us a shout, we’re all, virtually, here…

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