We live and breathe film. Something that really gets our blood pumping in particular is creating film for sports and athletes. The energy is always contagious and our creatives and directors love nothing more than the challenge of getting everything out of our talent. Think of them as the Pep Guadiola’s of film.

We’re currently working on a huge sporting challenge, Footasylum project with the KSI and many, many more top influencers - it involves INSANE stunts and documenting the whole thing freehand with self-shooting directors, who have to be finely tuned athletes themseleves to keep up. It’s about as chaotic as it sounds - but it’s great content. Just to show he still has his finger on the pulse our founder and CEO, Simon Lewis, is directing them himself.


Written, produced & directed in-house, The Gate recently launched the Huddersfield Town kit. Shot in our Manchester studios by Luke Logan, we managed to capture the history of the club whilst revealing the new kit through great film and direction, all shot in the hour we had with the footballers… 

New Balance asked us to shoot the #EverybodysRace campaign, all filmed around the streets of London, Manchester and the rest of the UK, along with our studios. The studios also facilitated the launch of New Balances newest football boots just a couple of months later which involved turning our 4000sqft Studio into a black hole and put on a laser show to showcase them. 

Our studios have been helping create more magic in the football world. In January, we had a huge production in studio 1, featuring NIKE and Raheem Sterling, all shot green screen for the launch of AM720’s, and whilst he was there, Dave (the rapper) popped in and we shot some of his music video ‘BLACK’ with Raheem in studio 2 next door.



The following week we had J Lingz and Kasper Schmichael here with EA Sports launching their new boots and game ‘Anthem’ where we built a blackout cave in our studio to make the neon lights and boots really pop. We turned this around in about 3 days due to last minute schedule changes, so we know what it’s like to have to make things work last minute and who to contact to make things happen.

Another footy-mad director of ours Richard Oliver created the trailer for the National Football Museum #OurBeautifulGame, centred around stadiums and homemade pitches across the UK, capturing real emotion and soul throughout.

Cosmo Wallace has created a series of documentaries for Mizuno capturing the real people behind the Athletes. He shot this with a a crew of 2, just him and a sound man, in 7 countries across 2 weeks. He’s well versed in shooting the biggies as he also shot England’s last Vauxhall spot with us for Rooney and all…


We truly believe that we really can make anything work. We are problem solvers, full of passionate, funny, slightly odd characters that know exactly what to do to make things WORK. We have fun. We don’t mess around.

On top of this, our studios have got a real buzz about them, they’re loved by influencers and athletes. Purpose built studios with everything under one roof that you need (including but NOT most importantly) a fully stocked bar.

Just sayin.

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