Imagine a world where the movie Minority Report was your reality, where just as Tom Cruise did in the film, holographic screens pop-up and are controlled by swift hand movements. 

Well that cinematic moment has gone beyond fiction, its now our reality. Immersive Media is moving at a dizzying pace and there are few who have the understanding and power to harness its potential. This is where immersive media director Martin Percy comes in.

Now repped exclusively by the Gate outside of the M25, we're incredibly excited to bring Martin's big, beautiful brain to the table when agencies and brands are looking to leverage interactive media to drive deeper customer engagement. Working across pretty much any sector or industry, its fascinating to explore this advertising game-changer. Long gone are the days of finger-in-the-air guesswork, interactive media delivers actionable customer insight that puts brands in a whole new arena.

In this exclusive Director 101 interview, Martin shares his views on interactivity in film and video, exploring the blend between reality and the imaginary and how brands are using this medium intelligently to move their audiences.

If you're just as excited as we are to bring interactivity into your next film, get in touch and let's go on the ride together.

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