When it comes to animals, we LOVE them! Especially dogs. We have worked with dogs before on set and in the office, that’s right in the office. We love bringing our dogs to work and here are a few reasons why you should be too (if the boss says it’s OK obviously!)


When it comes to bringing pets to work there are things you must consider. Is the environment suitable for them? Are there any places they can go to do their business? And are there people with allergies to animals?



Bringing dogs to work are known to have it’s benefits so before you leave your dog at home why not see the positives effects your dog can bring to your workday.

  •         Dogs are known to help relieve stress and we have to say when things get busy here, we can get stressed. By just stroking a dog they help to reduce blood pressure, changes your physiologically by making you feel relaxed and they make you feel better.


  •         Promote social interactions- Dogs are social animals and love to go to new places and meet new people. They help to build and atmosphere of communication and teamwork as people can interact with the dog and talk to their owner which then helps to build relationships within the company. They can also help to improve morale and employee satisfaction.


  •         Improve a company image- Having a dog in the office helps with the company image by creating a calm and relaxed atmosphere, this will help the clients to relax and enjoy their visit to your company.


  •         Financially help employees- bringing a pet to work helps employees to eliminate the costs of doggie day care or a dog walker as these can be quite expensive. This will give the employee a positive view of the company and will be willing to stay.
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Meet the dogs

We have a fair share of dogs that visit the office so here is your chance to meet our little (but growing) crew.





Breed – Sprollie (Border Collie & Springer Spaniel)

Owner – Emma Sutton

One of the newest members to our doggy crew. Penny is friendly dog who really likes attention, playing with other dogs, and food, mainly our food.





Breed – Boxer

Owner – Lindsay Cowan

Our little superstar. Luna has been with us since she was a puppy and she even starred in one of our Sofology adverts. She loves her Mummy and likes sitting on her knee and eating peanut butter kongs.




Ru (Rutheo)

Breed – Huskey

Owner – Fran Hodnett

Ru is the longest serving member of the gate crew. He loves to make a noise to get attention and always has FOMO. Just like his owner he doesn't like to be told what to do.





Breed – Boxer

Owner – Josh Boswell

Nala is four and spends her life either playing fetch or sleeping. She doesn't get brought into the office too often because she prefers to sleep at home! 

She doesn't like golden retrievers, big lorries or going outside in the rain.





Breed - Spaniel

Owner - James Shannon

At only 4 months old, we welcome our newest member of the team Teddy. Teddy is one of the best barmen in Manchester, ready to serve you all up a drink after a hard day's work at Foundry Film Studios.

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