To the people of Cardiff!

Do you love fashion? Do you have a strong sense of your own personal style? Are you not really bothered, but LOVE to shop? We’re filming an advert for St David’s shopping centre, and we’d love you to be a part of it. We’re looking for people of all age ranges – including kids.

You’ll be needed for half a day to walk around the streets of Cardiff while we film you – it’s going to be fun!

You’ll be paid for your time with vouchers for St David’s shopping centre.


Casting call 06


Send your self casting tapes to –
We’ll then select a short list to come to a casting.

Casting at St David's Shopping Centre - 27th March

If selected the shoot would be 9th and 10th of April

Self Tape Brief

Please set the camera up so we can see your full length self. Please give you name to camera and show us your profiles. Hold your hands up so we can see them. Then show us your moves! Put on your favourite track and dance. No pouting, no slut dropping. Think dancing in the kitchen, think girls night out. Try not to take yourself too seriously. Get the kids to dance - get the dog to dance! Everyone welcome.


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