When The Gate was founded 26 years ago, TVC was the king of video advertising, and getting your ad on TV screens was one of the most efficient ways of broadcasting your campaign to the masses. But in an ever-changing digital landscape, you’re missing out if you aren’t taking the opportunity to place your brand’s message right in the palm of your customers’ hand. After all, including organic or paid social media content in your ad campaign only further bolsters your message before your target audience. 
At The Gate, our in-house team of expert content creators are constantly honing how to expand campaigns into the world of social media and we think we have quite a few reasons why you might want to get our creators on your side…

Attainable is the goal

While your gorgeous, glossy, big-budget new ad campaign might sit perfectly on TV or OOH billboards, these types of ads rarely translate well to social media. If you’re also hoping to reach an online audience, your content should look user-generated and attainable. This type of content fits seamlessly into your customer’s Instagram or TikTok feeds, and feels less like a hard sell, allowing you to reach your customer base from a whole new angle. 
Our content team develops creative ideas which align with your main campaign, then tailor them to be platform-specific, shooting and editing with a social-first approach. It’s one-two-punch of slick TVC and hand-tailored social content that allows you to meet your audience where they’re at - whether that’s in front of the telly or mid-Facebook scroll.

Speed and reactivity

The process of writing a creative, shooting, editing your TVC, and getting it on air can be lengthy, whereas social media marketing works at super speed. Interacting with current trends and using trending content formats is a breeze when creating social content, which can be shot and turned around for delivery in a flash. As content creators at The Gate Films, our process is quick and streamlined, bypassing the endless rounds of creative revisions and pre-production; we construct quick and considered creatives, which allow us to jump out and shoot guerrilla-style at a moment’s notice. Our ability to hit the ground running allows us to waste no time in the process, meaning we can deliver the freshest and most relevant content to digital consumers, in an age where what’s relevant is constantly changing.

Bang for your budget

If you’ve already factored in costs for a full TVC production, adding in social content services like the ones offered by our in-house content team is a smart method of stretching your budget even further. By having our content creators on set, you can support your TV campaign with a suite of organic social content which will live on your brand socials and expand your reach much farther to a digital audience. Our content team shoot on set alongside our TVC production units, which not only keeps shooting costs down, but also ensures that all the social content captured is visually and creatively aligned with the main campaign. 

More is more

The work, time and collaboration required to bring together one 30 or 60 second TVC can be monumental - and while it’s all more than worth it for the end result, this time can also be utilised by our social content team to create hours worth of video content. The low-fi, handheld nature of shooting organic social content means our creators can construct dozens of deliverables, while our pre and post production teams are working away on a singular campaign film. This way we’re able to build a bank of varied content for brands who otherwise might come out of the months-long process with only a handful of deliverables. Brands can instead come away from the process with a suite of social content to be released over several weeks or months, extending the reach and temporal relevance of their initial campaign idea.
When it comes to working at speed, cost effectiveness and increasing your campaign’s reach, adding social content into your deliverables list is a no-brainer. Shooting social-first content alongside your traditional ad campaign allows you to stretch your marketing potential even further, target consumers with platform-relevant ad, and unlock new levels of reach and engagement for your brand.
This article was originally published by LBBOnline.
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